Have you ever looked at your favorite celebrity and wondered how they never seem to have a bad hair day? One day, you see them sporting great short hair, and the next, they miraculously have long manes of gorgeous hair. How do they do it? I have 2 words for you. Hair extensions.

In hair extensions, millions of women all over the world found the answer to all their hair problems, be it stunted hair growth or massive hair loss. Sure, hair extensions have been around for a while, but there are levels to it, and in the market right now, there aren't any hair extension styles that are better than micro rings.


For those who don’t know, micro rings are natural hair extensions that can be attached to your hair using very small precisely-engineered bonds (or rings). Given how small the micro-bonds are, the point at which they clip your hair is very discreet and invisible except on close inspection. What this means is: you can make everyone green with envy at how long, silky and luxurious your hair is, and they would never be able to tell that you wore hair extensions.

Apart from discretion, there are other benefits of wearing a micro ring hair extension, and a few of them can be found below:


1. Safe to Use

With hot fusion hair extensions, application of heat is required. In the case of glue-ins, glue is needed. Both cases have possible adverse side-effects, micro rings don’t. Glue has been known to evoke allergic reactions and cause itching, while with heat, you run a risk of burning your scalp. In addition to these, the glue and the heat may damage your hair, and when you’re trying to remove the extensions, you may lose some hair. Micro rings, on the other hand, do not cause hair loss/damage or evoke allergic reactions.


2. Works Well with Short Hair

Unlike braids and weaves, micro rings work well with short hair and fine hair. These hair extension types need long hair to allow for stress, and fine hair has been known to break under the tension. However, micro rings work well with hair as short as 5 inches and if your hair is thin, that’s all right too.


3. Micro Rings Are Durable

You can remove micro rings as many times as you want, you can reposition them, and if maintained well, you can use one for up to 6 months. Also, if your hair grows longer, you can adjust the position of the micro rings. This way, the extension can remain close to your scalp.


4. Can be Used for Long and Short-Term Extensions

If you want to use micro rings for the short-term, they are uniquely-designed in such a way that they can be removed and put back in without fuss. If you want to wear your hair extension for long, micro rings will stay in without problems.


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