HAIR EXTENSIONS AFTERCARE


Prior to your application please wash your hair but don't use any conditioners or serums. That might cause them to slide out too early. If you planning to colour your hair; do so before the application take place.

After your hair extensions has been applied cut and styled they need to settle so give yourself couple of days before you wash them.

Always use correct extensions brush or tangle teezer to brush your hair. They are softer and it doesn't pull or cause damage to your hair.

I use 100 % human hair so you can style them as your own with flat iron (not over 180C to protect them), curlers and so on... Don't forget to use heat protection spray.

Hair can be also dyed but use colours that will not dry them out too much. If you have to do your roots then go ahead, micro rings are fine with bleach and colours. Bare in mind extension hair is not nourished by your body that make them more prone to drying.

Always use conditions and serums on the length of the extensions but DO avoid applying it on the roots as it will loosen them and cause them to slip out!

Shampoos should be all moisturising low PH but not necessary an expensive ones. Try to wash them upright especially the single strands so they don't get tangled. After they washed and conditioned use your fingers to separate any hairs near your scalp if they clamping together.

Please don't forget to do that. Extensions always need that extra care to keep them beautiful , soft and long lasting.

Use SERUMS them after washing or also on dry hair. It will keep them soft and lovely for very long time.



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