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Hair is capable of instantly transforming how you look. Long, voluminous hair isn't something every woman has been fortunate enough to have and it's quite a lot of work keeping up with the day to day routines of maintaining the same saloon hairstyles in our ever busy world of today. Hair extensions are the perfect fit for situations like these. With hair extensions, you get the exact same instant volume, length and allure to your current hairdo and look in general. If you wear the best hair extensions in London, it's nearly impossible to tell the difference between the ones added and the natural hair. Lots of prospective clients are usually not sure about hair extensions service in London as a result of the awful experiences they’ve had with untrained practitioners, who bypass standards without being aware of how potentially damaging it could be to the customer’s hair. And that’s the reason you must use the services of salons that have skilled technicians. These people make use of natural methods, limit the usage of synthetic products and dangerous chemicals to the barest minimum. Using hair extensions is not particularly something new; it has been in use as far back as the 1980s. However, the techniques, methods and the materials used have been improved upon over the years. Several salons make use of different techniques and hair extensions service London have become quite popular for their quality together with the attractive look that they give to their clients. This article focuses on the various qualities that can be gotten from the best hair extensions in London to the sorts of hair fibres utilized in hair extensions. Basically there are 2 different variants of hair extensions and they are described below. It's important to know these two are easy to get in all the hair extension service London however, it’s better you research it yourself and read reviews before deciding on the best choice for you. Naturally, how much a hair costs depends on its length, quality and durability.

Synthetic hair extensions.

The synthetic variants are the number one on the list of types of hair extensions. Primarily, these are produced from materials like that of Toyokalon or Kanekalon. The synthetic hair extensions are usually not as expensive as the human hair. The downside of this kind of hair extension is that they don’t usually last long which makes them less popular. They also come in conspicuous quirky and lively colours.

Human hair extensions.

Just like the name implies, these are produced from natural human hair and as expected, more costly than the synthetic extensions. They can readily be found in places like Europe, Slavic, South America, Asia and Russia. The European hair is very soft and is the preferred choice for Caucasians. In terms of structure, the Asian hair is very thick whereas South American hair is softer and has more similarities with Slavic hair. We make our recommendations on the best hair type to clients based on their hair structure and density. For instance, the most popular colours are the Black, Red, Brown and Blonde hair extensions while it’ll be more difficult to get the other more exact shades and it could take about 2 weeks to customise it! These type of hair extensions are usually more expensive but has greater flexibility and are more resourceful to work with. Because of its authenticity, they can be styled, curled or straightened as you wish. At Hair extensions services London, we offer only the best hair extensions of various qualities and brands depending on your needs and budget. Therefore, ensure you select the hair that suits your looks perfectly.

There are mainly 3 hair extension qualities available:

  1. The Virgin hair: This type of hair hasn’t undergone any kind of processing, has never been coloured or even straightened. They are characteristically cut to make sure the raw material is preserved and also maintain the cuticle’s direction so they remain intact.

  2. The Remy hair: This hair type comprises of cutting and organizing of the strands to ensure that the hair roots and tips are facing the same direction. The Remy hair is quite popular with technicians who prefer to work as mobile hair extensions London.

  3. Double Drawn hair: This hair type involves the cutting of different lengths at both ends in order to achieve identical length. Each of the work process is performed manually and is done twice, which is why it’s called the "double" drawn hair. The extra hard work it entails also reflects on the price of the hair.

Techniques of Hair extensions integration.

Hair extensions near me and  also near by salons practise lots of techniques that are available however, we would concentrate on the most popular ones in the hair extensions service London.

The micro ring attachment method is the most popular and also the latest. They neither harm nor damage your natural hair as long as it’s cared for. They apply mini rings to your hair and with the aid of pliers press in strands of hair extensions usually weighing 1g. It’s a very neat technique and doesn’t require glue.

The oldest technique of invisible sew which entails the careful sewing of the hair extensions to the natural hair that have been meticulously cornrowed is another integration method. This type of technique typically lasts for about 8 or 10 weeks subject to the treatments.

Another integration technique for hair extension is bonding. In this method, the extensions are attached directly to the original hair using a unique type of bonding glue. This technique is fairly old and not particularly healthy or kind to the natural hair.

We also have the clip-in hair extensions. They are the most easily accessible because of the flexibility of wearing and removing whenever you wish. They come in various hair colours and lengths based on your hair type. In addition, it can be added in the parts where you want more volume. It could be a little more or a lot more depending on the mood. Maybe something more glamorous for the night or just something extra for the day.


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